Name Mid Summer LIVE On-Site Auction - Saturday July 24th at 10AM
Auctioneer Pridham's Auction House Inc.
Date(s) 7/24/2021
Saturday, July 24th commencing at 10:00AM - At the Glengarry Pioneer Museum, check "Location" for full address.
Preview Date/Time Before the sale on Saturday, July 24th from 8:00AM to 10:00AM.
Checkout Date/Time Auction day, until the end of the sale. Grounds will close after the sale.
Location PRIDHAM'S HAS RENTED THE GROUNDS OF: The Glengarry Pioneer Museum (OUTSIDE)) 1645 County Road 30
Dunvegan, ON K0C 1J0
Buyer Premium 10% buyer's premium
This auction will include hundreds of quality items that have been stored through the lockdown by Pridham's, many rare and unusual (including CANADIANA). ALL sold to the highest bidder. NO online bidding / NO catalogue / NO reserves. This will be a MUST ATTEND "Old School" auction. We have rented the Glengarry Pioneer Musem grounds. This is a Pridham's auction - not a Museum auction. Please BRING: chairs, snacks, and dress for the weather. Questions? 1-877-533-5877. This sale will include and not limited to the following: pine furniture including a painted two-door armoire (early 19th C.), pine dressers and boxes, some in paint, a large an impressive copper cauldron, over 50 good duck decoys from a single collection, late 18th/early 19th century Quebec/Ontario chairs, Inuit sculpture and related items, antique muskets, as well as musket parts including a bronze pistol barrel. Military items including uniforms, buttons, bayonets, etc. A selection of formal furniture and accessories, including porcelain, glass, tableware, bronzes, rugs, quilts, lighting in various forms, sterling silver and plate. Ivory objects including a rare cricket cage. A selection of costume jewellery, paintings, etchings, lithographs of various subjects. Mid century modern including furniture and lighting. Architectural items such as shutters, a good selection of antique/vintage hardware. 18th and 19th century pewter and copperware. Miniature paintings, stamp and coin collections, old postcards, vintage fishing and camera gear, vintage (unopened) perfume bottles, selection of wax angels, horse bells, rare Napoleonic letter opener, Africana, curiosities.
Auction Terms & Conditions BILINGUAL PRIDHAM'S TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE - Please take the time to read, thank you. RÈGLEMENTS & CONDITIONS DE VENTE PRIDHAM'S BILINGUES - S.V.P. veuillez prendre le temps de lire, merci. 1. The term "Auctioneer" means Pridham's Auction House Inc. (" Pridham's "). | Le terme "Encanteur" signifie Pridham's Auction House Inc. (" Pridham's "). 2. Each lot is sold "AS IS" and "WHERE IS". | Chaque item est vendu "TEL QUEL" et "OÙ IL EST". 3. Any statement in relation to a lot is merely an expression of opinion of the seller or Pridham's, and should not be relied upon as an inducement to bid on the lot. PREVIEW: before the sale on Saturday morning, from 8:00 to 10:00 AM. Toute déclaration relative à un lot est simplement une expression d'opinion du vendeur ou de Pridham's, et ne devrait pas être invoquée comme une incitation à soumissionner sur le lot. Exposition avant la vente, samedi, de 8H à 10H. 4. The Auctioneer does its very best to point out condition issues. You have to examine each piece carefully; sales will not be set aside on grounds of condition, or of real or imagined misdescription. | Pridham's fait de son mieux pour vous informer de la condition d'un objet. Vous devez examiner chaque item soigneusement; les ventes ne seront pas mises de côté pour des raisons de condition, ou de descriptions erronées réelles ou imaginaires. 5. Not applicable. 6. Registration: all bidders are required to submit (proof of) full name, address and a telephone number. Information is used pursuant to the "Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act". | Enregistrement: tous les clients sont tenus de donner (avec preuve) leur nom, adresse et un numéro de téléphone. L'information est utilisée selon la "Loi canadienne sur la protection des renseignements personnels et les documents électroniques". 7. Not applicable. 8. Unless exempted by law, the buyer must pay applicable taxes on the total purchase price. The buyer's premium is added before the applicable taxes. Pridham's does not divide a buyer's invoice between two or more people on auction day. | À moins d'être exemptés, les acheteurs doivent payer les taxes appropriées sur le montant total. La prime de l'acheteur est ajoutée avant les taxes applicables. Pridham's ne divise pas une facture entre deux ou plusieurs personnes le jour de la vente. 9. Unless exempted by law, the buyer is required to pay HST on the total purchase price including the buyer's premium. / À moins d'être exempté par la loi, l'acheteur est tenu de payer la TVH sur le prix d'achat total, y compris la prime de l'acheteur. 10. The Auctioneer has the right to withdraw or add to the items. | Pridham's a le droit de retirer ou d'ajouter des items. 11. The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot from the sale at any time, to divide any lot or to combine any two or more lots at his sole discretion, all without notice. | L'Encanteur se réserve le droit de retirer tout lot de la vente, à n'importe quel moment, de diviser un ou plusieurs lots, et ce sans avis. 12. The Auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid and to advance the bidding at his absolute discretion. The auctioneer reserves the right not to accept and to reject any bid. Without limitation, any bid which is not commensurate with the value of the article offered, or which is merely a nominal or fractional advance over the previous bid may not be recognized. | Pridham's a le droit de refuser toute offre et d'avancer l'appel d'offres à son entière discrétion. Il se réserve le droit de ne pas accepter et de refuser toute offre. Sans limitation, toute offre qui n'est pas proportionnelle à la valeur de l'article offert ou qui est simplement une avance nominale ou fractionnaire par rapport à l'offre précédente ne peut être reconnue. 13. When the Auctioneer says "sold" it is a contractual agreement between the Auctioneer and the buyer. All auctions are also audio-recorded. | Lorsque l'Encanteur dit "vendu" cela est tout comme un contrat entre l'acheteur et l'Encanteur. Les encans sont aussi enregistrés par audio. 14. The highest bidder accepted by the Auctioneer for any lot shall be the buyer and such buyer shall forthwith assume full risk and responsibility for the lot and must comply with such other Conditions of Sale as may be applicable. If any dispute should arise between bidders, the Auctioneer shall have the absolute discretion to designate the buyer or, at his option, to withdraw any disputed lot from the sale, or to re-offer it at the same or a subsequent sale. The Auctioneer's decision in all cases is final. | Le soumissionnaire le plus offrant accepté par Pridham's pour tout lot sera l'acheteur et cet acheteur assumera sans délai tous les risques et responsabilités du lot et devra se conformer aux autres Conditions de vente applicables. En cas de litige entre deux soumissionnaires, Pridham's aura la discrétion absolue de désigner l'acheteur ou, à son gré, de retirer tout lot contesté de la vente ou de la proposer à la même vente ou à une autre vente ultérieure. La décision de l'Encanteur dans tous les cas est définitive. 15. The buyer shall pay an item in full and to the satisfaction of the Auctioneer; failing to do so may result in the cancellation of the sale, with or without re-offering the item for sale. | L'acheteur doit payer un item au complet et à la satisfaction de Pridham's, à défaut de quoi, Pridham's peut annuler la vente, avec ou sans offrir de nouveau l'article à vendre. 16. Payments have to be made in full by Visa, MasterCard, debit or cash on auction day. American Express and cheques are NOT accepted. | Paiements doivent être faits par VISA, MasterCard, débit ou comptant le jour de la vente. American Express et chèques ne sont PAS acceptés. 17. Pridham's is not responsible for any damages or injuries under any circumstances. | Pridham's n'est pas responsable pour aucun dommage ou blessure et ce, en aucun cas. 18. Your paid purchases have to be taken away, the same day, right after the sale. The Museum grounds are closed to the public after the sale. Vous devez apporter vos achats payés, samedi, après la vente. Les terrains du Musée seront fermés après la vente. Please do not hesitate to contact Pridham's if you have questions, thank you. S.V.P. n'hésitez pas à contacter Pridham's si vous avez des questions, merci. Toll Free / Sans Frais: 1-877-533-5877 --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

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Currency CAD
Buyer Premium 10% buyer's premium
Payment Terms
Accepting: Visa, MasterCard, Interac, Cash. No cheques, no Amex. Acceptons: Visa, MasterCard, E-Interac, Comptant. Pas de chèques, ni Amex.
There is no shipping involved with this sale. Paid purchases have to be taken away on auction day.